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Salt And Strokes - Take Heed !!


Mick Nash, who was a guitarist that toured with the teddy boy band 'The Rockin' Devils' that had a number one hit in Germany said that it was his love of salt that had forced his blood pressure up and was a major contributing factor to his stroke at the relatively young age of 53 and added that his being way overweight was also a seriously contributing factor.

Mick said, "On tour I used to eat kebabs all the time and the only way to make them taste good was to cover them in salt but now I am so careful I don't even look at a salt pot".

After playing just a first gig, Mick's daughter who also played with the group told him 'you don't look well and we're sending you home".

Mick: "When I got home my wife said my face didn't look right and said that it seemed to be drooping so I got into bed and she called a doctor. The doctor confirmed I was having a stroke and within twenty minutes I was in hospital having a brain scan and they didn't think that I would make it through the night".

Tests revealed that Mick had suffered a massive ischaemic stroke which is caused when a blood clot forms in an artery serving the brain and disrupts the blood supply to the brain.

Mick was very lucky that the hospital where he was treated gave him "thrombolysis", a drug which if given within three hours of onset of symptoms can help reduce the impact of the stroke by breaking up the blood clots.

The perhaps shocking news is that one in ten stroke patients could benefit from this treatment but currently just 0.1% receive it in the U.K. because only one in five hospitals can offer it.

Mick: "Without this treatment there would have been no hope. I may as well have curled up in my box and died. I was left paralysed down the left hand side and that included my left hand, my guitar hand. So that was the end of my rock and roll and that had been my life".

It was however the end of Mick's guitar playing life and although he regained some mobility and learned how to walk with a stick he never regained the use of his hand.

Mick: "Now I write stories and poetry as a way of using my creativity and I have written some songs for both a German and Finnish band. I can't play my own music anymore but I can listen to it on CDs and a record label 'Nervous' recently reissued some tracks on a CD called "Teddy Boy Anthems".

A stroke is a condition with a brutal rule of thirds which means that one third of people that have one - die - and it can happen to anyone at any age and without warning.