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Makeup And Beauty Tips


Spotty Face

In order to hide spots on your face, get a white (or appropriately coloured) eyeliner pencil and completely cover the spot and then apply foundation all over your face.


A little know-how

* Long lasting lipstick dries your lips.
* Lighter colours make the lips look bigger.
* Dark colours make the lips look smaller.
* Pearlised lipsticks heighten imperfections and are therefore best avoided by the older generation.
* Lick a liquorice comfit and use the end as a lipstick. Perhaps surprisingly the dye actually stays on for hours and is presumably non toxic. What is more, it comes in a variety of interesting colours.
* The cost of lipstick is sometimes shameful so make sure you use every bit of it. When the "stick" has been used right down to the bottom carefully remove the remaining lipstick and 'wax' and mix it with just a little petroleum jelly into a re-sealable container. What you'll have is a lip gloss!
* Make your lipstick stay on longer by first brushing some talcum powder onto your lips and then apply, first coat of lipstick (preferably with a brush), blot it, and then gently brush on more talcum powder and follow this with another layer of lipstick.
* If your foundation is too dark mix it with a little of your usual moisturiser on the back of your hand and it will lighten it.
* Before applying a face mask, cover your face with a piece of damp, fine gauze, making sure it is completely smooth and touching everywhere on your face. Apply the product. When mask is ready (usually about 10/15 minutes) peel off the gauze and your skin will be left completely clean.

Nail Varnish And Eye Makeup

* If your nail varnish congeals try adding a few drops of nail varnish remover to thin it down.
* If you can't get the top off of your nail varnish bottle? Hold it under a hot tap for 30-45 seconds. The heat will expand the top slightly making it much easier to get it off.
* Got nail varnish that's all gooey? Stand it in a bowl of hot water for five minutes before you do your nails. The heat thins the varnish and will make it much easier to apply.
* A drop of oil on the end of a dry mascara brush will make it last a bit longer.
* Pop your eyeliner into the freezer before sharpening and this will give it a sharper point.
* When applying mascara, lay your mirror flat on a table which will give the right angle for application.
* When plucking your eyebrows at home place a hot flannel (face cloth) on your eyebrow and then pull the skin taught and pluck. The heat makes it easier and less painful.
* Keep eye cream in the fridge and it will not only be really cooling when applied but it will also help to reduce puffiness and make you feel instantly energised.
* Clean mascara brushes thoroughly with a tissue once a week and it will help application.
* When mascara smudges, use some Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and it will come off right away and will also give you a healthier look!