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What Causes The Cellulite?

Your immediate reaction may be to blame a pregnancy for example and to say 'my stomach got stretched and I got left with cottage cheese! However this would be avoiding both the responsibility and the facts!

A New York City dermatologist by the name of Diana Bihova, M.D. who wrote a book entitled, "Beauty from the Inside Out' states in the book, "classical ballet dancers have very little or no fat and in either case their thighs are so well toned that the skin stays taut. The difference between fat on your waist and cellulite is the way that it manifests itself. You can develop it when you gain weight or when your skin gets a little lax from aging or lack of exercise. Then the previously unobtrusive fat puffs out like the polyester fill in a comforter and your skin looks as though it has been stuffed and stitched like a quilt".

How can you fight the cottage cheese?

Let's get practical here and say right off that it's unlikely that you are ready to take up ballet lessons and that you aren't ready to to put in whole days of leaps, twirls and twists 'en pointe'.

The good news is that there are many additional things that you can do to improve the look of your cellulite marked hips, thighs and backside.

Lose any extra fat

Allison Vidimos, M.D. who is a staff dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation says that weight loss frequently reduces the fat responsible for thigh and butt dimpling and she advises women bothered by cellulite to drop any extra weight and exercise to tone muscles.

"People who lose weight through diet and exercise may note some improvement in the cellulite-prone areas," she says. "Once the fat cells shrink, and muscle tone is improved, the contour of the skin may look more smooth. Tone your lower body. Exercises that tone your thighs, hips and lower buttocks will give dimpled areas a better look".

What is more important, diet or exercise?

It would seem that when talking of reducing or eliminating "fem fat' that exercise works much better than dieting at improving the way your thighs and buttocks look.

Try the following.

Work on your thighs by doing leg lifts.

Work on your inner thighs in the same way as you would for the outer thighs but this time instead of raising your top leg hold that leg still and move your bottom leg out in front a few inches until it clears your top leg and then try to lift your bottom leg up in front of your top leg. Lift it as far as you can and then lower your leg to the floor.

Strengthen your butt muscles by lying facedown on the floor with your arms spread out at your shoulders and with your elbows bent and your palms flat on the floor. Then keeping your right leg straight, try to lift it heel first off of the floor. Lift it as far as you can and then lower it to the floor and gradually increase the repetitions until you can do it a total of twelve times. Do this three times a week until you can do thirty lifts per leg after which time your bum should look like a baby's.